Anonymous: Is your boyfriend African American? 

He’s from Jamaica.


Get ready early so you can drink wine and not worry about tryna do your face tipsy is a p good idea I think


Shot today with @rue107 and the new pieces dropping Friday are so dope!!! Can’t wait to show you guys more! #rue107 #fashion #model


Ootd & motd.


Daisy Christina van Egmond

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Anonymous: I'm truly in love with your hair :O 

Awww thank you!!

Anonymous: You are lovely. 

No, you are!


Lingerie Polaroids 

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Brianna Amor

luvsphatties: Tu eres una mujer mas linda!! 

Muchas gracias 😚😀

llamabitchqueen: As someone who has recently got more curves than fashion deems "acceptable" I want to thank you so, so much for this blog. Its made me start to accept myself and what I look like, and realise that actually, I don't need a flat stomach or thin thighs. My thighs are my powerhouse and my stomach means that now I'm actually a healthy weight. So thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I’m so glad you’re finding yourself! Thank you very much for your lovely message it makes me feel like in doing something right!

jjbbwlover: Your a lovely lady 

Thank you!! 😊

Anonymous: Post a pic of you and your boyfriend! 

Ok, done! :)