I felt like a total 50’s babe in this swimsuit. Its a shame others didn’t feel the same. I woke up to find that 3 of my photos made the “popular” page which equals a ton of really uneducated comments on my page on IG but thats fine. I will never apologize or cover my body up because other’s say I should. If you don’t like seeing a HAPPY curvy lady live her life then unfollow me now before I block ‘yo ass.

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#sorrynotsorry I wanted to post cause I don’t post a lot of pictures with my teeth showing. #swimsuitsforall @swimsuitsforall #sexyateverycurvecontest #bodypositive #fullfigure #thick #lucilux #redhead #curvygirls

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Raven Buchana

Anonymous: Ohhhh, ya tienes un novio! Genial! You are not "Soltero" anymore! :D 

Hahaha no, ya no soy “Soltero”

Anonymous: 1. Your hair is AWESOME 2. I love the message your blog sends <3 3. Your boyfriend seems really funny and loving! 4. Rock on!! 


topsy-kretts: you are gorgeous, yo también soy curvilínea, quisiera tener tu personalidad y mostrarme más.Un abrazo bella. 

Hola guapa! Muchas gracias, todo es cuestión de que confíes en ti misma :) saludos!!!

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my biggest tip that i can offer to anyone is to fake confidence until it’s real

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Candice Huffine makes history as the first plus size model to be featured in the iconic Pirelli Calendar! She looks gorgeous!

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