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Anastasia Vinogradova by Evgeniy Ovsyannikov

Anonymous: Hola Karlita, eres taaaaaan sexy! Eso ya lo sabías! Me gusta mucho tu blog, y que empoderes a las mujeres reales, a las que tienen curvas que cuentan historias, a las que salimos a la calle sin photoshop! Tomarte el trabajo de hacernos entender a miles de mujeres que no tenemos que ajustarnos a ningún molde es una labor hermosa, y te agradezco por eso. El hecho de salir a la calle y sentirme hermosa y que me importe un rábano lo que piensen los demás, es un gran avance para mí. <3 

Eso mismo! Sentirte comida contigo misma y empezar a entender que todas somos diferentes y no tenemos por que compararnos entre nosotras, muchas gracias por el mensaje en vdd me hiO ponerme muy de buenas :)

long-white-tube-socks: You are beautiful! I love your hair and your smile 😊 By the way, I love your blog too! It makes me fine with having thighs that rub together. 

Thick thights FTW! Thank you :)

Anonymous: Your pict with lingerie, please... 


Anonymous: We're about to get real deep here, buckle up. I follow this blog because I'm recovering from self harm due a variety of things. Most of all extreme amounts of self hate, which stemmed from a number of things, one of which was unhealthy body image. Your blog helps me remember that I may be big but that does NOT mean I'm not beautiful. I'm learning to accept the compliments I receive, especially from my boyfriend. I'm embracing myself for the first time since I was probably about 7 or 8. 

This is deep, thanks for sharing, I’m so glad you’re finding yourself doll, HUGS!

Jada Sezer


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My body is always swimsuit ready.


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These “high waisted shorts” are actually my sister’s halter-top ROMPER that doesn’t even make it half way over my boobs. Also my hair’s been like this for what, 4 days now?

Anyways, thunder thigh/all around thick body appreciation post. Have a nice day!

PS- look at that one hanger behind my head

Anonymous: I want to feel confident with my arms. :( how do you embrace it? 

Ugh, I feel so self conscious about my arms, as you may notice I never use sleeveless anything, so I’m not the best person for this advice :(



I do bad things and I do them VERY well.

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THANK! i’ve been waiting for this <3

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